1. Sailor Moon: Or, Why My Generation Loves Anime So Much

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    September 15, 2014 by sotuachair


    When I was a kid, I was obsessed with one thing and one thing only: Sailor Moon. I was up by 6AM …
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  2. Glass Ceilings

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    September 9, 2014 by sotuachair


    Hey Hey Hey! I skipped a post last week because of reasons. And it was Labor Day and I was …
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  3. The Book of Life (The Discovery of Witches Series)


    August 26, 2014 by sotuachair


    Have you ever been so disappointed in a book that you can’t even describe why it’s so bad? So you need …
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  4. Dear Zelda

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    August 14, 2014 by sotuachair

    Featured Image -- 1701

    Originally posted on So Tuachair:
    I don’t know you. None of us on the internet really do – we know your…

  5. Summer Movie Blockbusters Don’t Equal Equality


    May 28, 2014 by sotuachair


    Sometimes. Sometimes. There, now that my preface is over, let’s get started, shall we? My summer movie blockbuster viewing has …
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  6. Parenthood: We Finally Get a Gay?

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    April 20, 2014 by sotuachair


    1. Hey guys! I’m back from my temporary hiatus! Click over to my personal blog for more information about my …
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  7. Women Versus the World: How the Media Pits Women Against Each Other


    February 9, 2014 by sotuachair


    It’s awards season and you know what that means! It’s time to compare women based on their fashion sense, political …
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  8. The Prodigal Feminist – January Pressures

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    January 12, 2014 by sotuachair

    lose weight

    The Prodigal Feminist Returns from her sabbatical. I’m sorry for disappearing from this for so long – to find out …
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Looking Forward To:

Looking Forward To:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2)
Okay, so it's kind of testerone city and there's not much Emma Stone in the trailers. It's totally not going to pass the Bechdel Test. But I'm okay with that. Because I'm pretty sure, based on the comics, of what is going to happen in this movie. And there's too much awesome in this reboot (to me. Feel free to argue).

Belle (May 2)
Ohhhhh my goodness! I cannot even explain my excitement for this film! If you haven't seen the trailer, go watch it. Lady stars? Yes. Period Piece? Yes. Social Injustice. YES. IT PASSES MY TEST YOU GUYS.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23)
You guys already know how marvel-psycho I am. The trailers and promo pictures have been pretty penis-heavy, but I'll let it go for now. There's a lot of lady-power in this movie, so I'm going to hold on to my hope.

Maleficent (May 30)
Speaking of Lady-Power....This will be the movie to do it! I know Angelina Jolie can be tiresome (mainly because of her life in the tabloids, as opposed to her life on film), but her acting can be pretty spot-on! I mean, let's talk Gia and Girl, Interrupted! I look forward to seeing what she can do with one Disney's greatest villains.

Spring is on its way out and we're getting ready for summer start-ups! Until that happens, here's what I'm watching:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I haven't really spoken about the show on here yet, so I'm doing so now. I absolutely love it. I know it's been receiving a lot of criticism - slow to start, sometimes hard to follow, it doesn't "feel" like a Marvel show, blah blah blah - but I actually enjoy it. Like any Whedon show, it is slow to follow because he's building the suspense and he's developing characters. The heart-wrenching kick-assery happens more the further we go. Plus, I'm sorry, when Coulson yells "Don't ever tell me there's no way!" in the first episode, my heart jumped.

Currently Reading:

Just as a quick note, I'm reading like four things right now. I work at a bookstore, I pick up a book, and then I start. It's getting difficult to balance!

Also, I'm attempting to read 40 books this year. I'm already two books in. Last year, I started the year thinking "50 books!" and then knocked it down to 30 due to personal things. But here's to 2014 giving me a little more free time!

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan
-This is book is so wonderfully intense. I'm so glad I decided to begin reading it. The book itself is the true story of Susannah Cahalan, a writer for The New York Post who, due to something called Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, lost her mind for over a month, and is still working on gaining her personality back to this day.

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