Women Versus the World: How the Media Pits Women Against Each Other

It’s awards season and you know what that means! It’s time to compare women based on their fashion sense, political stance, and how outspoken they are with their opinions!

Wait – that’s not what awards season is about?

oscars-640x420Whoops, guess I got confused by all of these: Why is Anne Hathaway so Unlikeable?, Why do Women Hate Anne Hathaway (But Love Jennifer Lawrence)? , Grammy’s 2014: Best and Worst Dressed.

Oh, and when searching “Women Oscars 2014,” the SECOND link takes you to “Women’s fashion Oscars 2014″

As if Fashion should be in my top priorities.

Last year it was Anne Hathaway versus Jennifer Lawrence, the “overrated” versus the “down-to-earth girl.”

jenlawannehathI wonder who it’ll be this year.

But I digress. The media does this every year, all the time. Typically, it’s woman against woman. I rarely see Men deemed to hate each other and loathed by so many people. Unless it’s Kanye West in which…yeah.

But the Men of the Oscars? I don’t think so. Searching for such a thing still turns up a list of all of the women that hate each other in Hollywood.

Turn it to the Women, and my Goodness! So and so must hate so and so! Look at her! Blah Blah’s jeeeeaaaalous! I don’t think it’s because men are so much more mature than us.

The feuds are propagated. Women are portrayed as petty and vindictive in every day society, and that has to be fed upon by magazines and “news” sites. Did everyone really think Whitney and Mariah hated each other? Did we really have to turn last years’ nominees into good girl and bad girl? It’s a competition based on talent, not news-worthiness, or dresses, or how much the actor rubs us the wrong way.

Do me a favor, this year, pay attention to their acting chops. Yes, I like the dresses as much as the next girl, but I’m not going to say “Man, that best actress nominee looks terrible! I hope she doesn’t get the award! Think of how her pictures will turn out!”


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  1. Ah! My thoughts exactly! ❤

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