2014 Fall Television: How Do I Love Thee?

Have you been keeping up with Fall Television this season? Not only do we have a lot of wonderful new programming, but there are some amazing changes being made on returning television programs as well!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite new and returning television shows on Fall Television:

1. So, Thursday nights are Shonda Rhimes Night and I totally don’t mind! While I no longer watch Grey’s Anatomy (it just got way too convoluted for me – too many deaths, too many no-longer returning characters, etc.), I do watch Scandal! It’s great to see this kind of rewind, back to basics season. From what I could tell in the premiere episode, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has to reconstruct her team a bit, and possibly bring in more. The characters will have to figure out how to be Gladiators again, which I’m excited to watch.

Plus – there’s so much diversity throughout the series, and the writing is so well-done, I can’t imagine stopping any time soon.

2. Speaking of Thursdays, and speaking of Shonda Rhimes, have you caught How to Get Away with Murder?

You may remember Viola Davis from The Help, but this is not that character. Professor Keating is not sweet to her students, she doesn’t care that they’re new or they’re white or black or gay or straight – she cares about the ends. She’s a Machiavelli kind of woman, I can tell. But then, she has problems, just like everyone else. Her students range in diversity and personality, but they’re all brought together for Lois Duncan-type circumstances. (If you don’t know who Lois Duncan is, look her up. Then read her books. Then maybe I’ll talk to you.) I’m both intrigued and excited for this show!

3. Again, speaking of Thursdays… (Thursday is the night, I guess!) Parenthood has returned to television and in much better shape than it left us last spring. Haddie’s sexuality was addressed a bit better than it was last season – tossed aside in the final moments of the episode, ignored. Here, she talks about it, her cousin has questions that make sense and it’s both normal and comfortable that they get the chance to talk about it.

I will say, I’m happy that this is the final season! This show was pretty good, but it’s also nice to see a production company addressing that a show needs an ending, instead of being forced to go on for however many seasons until everyone is tired of it.

4. Okay okay okay – so Revenge is FINALLY a show not on Thursdays. Revenge is still on on Sundays and I can’t help but keep watching it. Sure, the show can get crazy – and there are some character arcs that I absolutely hate (Charlotte, anyone?), but I can’t stay away from the show. Maybe it’s the intensity. Maybe it’s the wonderful range in Emily Thorne’s character. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s womano e womano. Or maybe I just like modern-retellings of The County of Monte Cristo. Whatever it is, I would love it if we would actually add some non-white characters that would stick around longer than a season…

Either way, maybe this season will pick up. Plus, I really want to find out if Emily knows how to give up revenge… (I’m thinking the answer is no.)

5. Did you see the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?! So much lady power! So much diversity! So much mind-fucking! Okay, so that last part may not have been awesome, but it’s a Whedon Production. Prepare yourself to hate everything because everyone you love will leave or die.

Either way – I’m loving this new season so far! I can’t wait to watch these characters develop even more over time.

So, there are more shows that I started watching, but I’m not quite into. Like Gotham – I hope it will pick up! And there are many more that I’m interested in, but I’m waiting for that fateful day when I can sit down and devour everything on television.

Also, I’m sitting around waiting for Constantine to start! I’M SO EXCITED.

But anyway, is there anything that you’re excited to see this year?


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