Sexy Halloween Commercial: Excuse Me While I Throw Up In My Mouth A Little

Color me disgusted.

You know, I’m getting tired of advertisers spending most of their time finding ways to stereotype women, men, people of color, people in general. The latest Subway commercial just shocked me with it’s blatant sexism:

Between this and Carl’s Junior/Hardees, I’m not sure anymore. At one point, I really wanted to go into Advertising, but if I would be walking into an industry that portrays women like this…I’m not so enticed anymore.

I read the comments attached to the YouTube video and of course, it’s about 40% Women (and some scattered men) frustrated with the portrayal of Halloween, 50% Trolls (mostly Men, unfortunately) attacking those woman and calling them fat, stupid, and/or Feminazis (because wanting equality equates us to soldiers who massacred a race of people that were different?), and 10% People who just thought the commercial was funny and said anyone who was offended was stupid.

Oh, and anyone who gets offended by a commercial portraying a woman only wanting to lose weight so that she can fit into a half-naked costume must want us all to return to the days of Puritanism.

tumblr_m2zbcakAp71qf9d9no1_r3_500You know what? I get it, I really do. Sex sells. But how DARE you equate losing weight with Sex with Women? Don’t you know that we already have enough problems as it is? We already feel insecure about our weight (and it doesn’t fucking matter if we’re fat or skinny, that insecurity will still be there), we already have to deal with each costume getting skimpier and skimpier, and being objectified by our male counterparts only makes it worse. These are things we already have to deal with everyday.

And people say “change the channel” as if that will make it any better? Have you watched TV Commercials lately? It doesn’t fucking matter what channel I switch to, I’ll just run into another commercial selling stereotypes of people and objectifying woman in order to sell their product.

You know what a good commercial is? The new Honeynut Cheerios Commercials with the interracial couple. The JC Penney Commercials with the LGBT Families.

Show me more of that. Don’t perpetuate the same shit you’ve been perpetuating for years.


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