Olivia Pope Done Got On My Nerves

Call me an absentee writer. I wouldn’t blame you. OR look at My Personal Blog for more information about what I’ve been up to.

But besides all of what I’ve been up to – I’ve also been staying up to date on my shows and, I have to say, Livvie Pope is getting on my damn nerves.

This is the moment where I say WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD
so that I know I’m not pissing anyone off.

So far, this entire season has been focused around whether Olivia follows one man’s proclamations or another, or if she is yelling at them like a little kid screaming to get what she wants, until they finally do listen to her, but only after treating her like a delicate flower that is sure to break and crumble and die at any second.

Even her decision to “choose herself” in this Season Finale was immediately followed with her being kidnapped. Is anybody else starting to wonder if she’s just become another trope – a Damsel in Distress?

In fact, many of the women this season have started to fall into stereotypes of themselves, rather than actual women.

  • Olivia spent the season screaming at Daddy, Boyfriend, and other Boyfriend until they ultimately found ways into manipulating her into doing what they wanted.
  • Mellie was, understandably, going through a major depression, but when she finally gets out of it she is manipulated by Elizabeth North into lying to the Press.
  • Abby is almost no one anymore – her most powerful episode revolves around her ex husband (don’t get me wrong – that’s probably my favorite episode this season so far) – she doesn’t seem to exist without someone else backing her up.
  • Quinn is maybe the most powerful woman in the show at this moment, but even she has follow into the female stereotype of being conflicted about which man she wants to be with, instead of being her own woman.
  • Elizabeth North (new this season) is the stereotypical villainous, out to get everyone that doesn’t agree with her.

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Post about the feminism of Scandal, which is pretty interesting to think about: http://nypost.com/2014/10/31/is-scandal-the-most-feminist-show-on-tv/

I agree that the show breaks down these barriers, but does breaking down the barriers excuse how the characters are treated? Does it excuse that, this season at least, they’ve started to become a mockery of the very things they set out to change?

So, if you watch Scandal, what did you think? Do you feel the same way or are you seeing things that I’m missing?


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